leftover cake - strawberry trifle
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Don’t throw away leftover cake! Here’s how to turn it into a pretty cake parfait

Leftover cake is the perfect building block for cake parfaits.

Throwing away leftover cake feels so wrong. You can repurpose your old cake into a parfait! It gives a whole new look—and taste.

Chef Nettie Frank shared this resourceful cake makeover.

“It’s my favorite way to use up extra cake trimmings, or even extra cake!” Nettie said. Maybe your cake didn’t bake up as pretty as you’d hoped, or you have a few extra trimmings to spare. Crumble or chop the leftovers up, place them in a pretty glass, and alternately layer with frosting. Top with whipped cream.

Play around with flavor combinations! Mix and match your cake and frosting flavors.


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