reuse old candles
Kati Evans

Don’t throw them out! You can reuse old candles with 5 simples steps

A little mixology and you can reuse old candles you have lying around.

We at Studio 5 love a good candle. The scent and subtle glow is an instant mood booster. But it’s a habit that can get pricey…until now. You can reuse old candles to make new ones!

Owner of Hive and Home, Kati Evans, shares how to make your own candles. She shares how it allows you to mix your favorite scent with your favorite jar.

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Pouring Your Own Candles

  1. Melt wax to 160 degrees
  2. Add Fragrance oil to wax
  3. Mix for 45-60 seconds
  4. Cool wax to 140 degrees
  5. Pour into candle vessel

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