Dr. Greg Pitts, DDS

More than 5 million teeth are knocked out each year during sport-related activities and the number of athletes experiencing concussion and brain injury is on the rise. The answer is prevention and protection in the form of a custom fitted sports mouth guard.
Dr. Greg Pitts is a local dentist who makes mouth guards for local high school, college and professional athletes and believes every athlete should be wearing one.

Protecting athletes. . . one smile at a time!

Although there has been increased awareness of the importance of helmet use in recent years, many people fail to understand the equally critical need for mouth protection and concussion prevention.

Surprisingly, concussions are not just caused by a hit to the back of the head. An impact to the chin can cause as much, if not more, injury to your brain. It’s not just organized team sports that are risky-riding anything with wheels can result in an impact strong enough to damage teeth. From snowboards to skateboards, little league to City league and the MMA to the NFL, all carry a risk of dental trauma.

Prevent injury and protect your teeth with a custom mouth guard made by Dr. Greg Pitts.

These are NFL quality mouth guards that are custom fit and can be personalized with name, colors and logos. They are strong, comfortable, secure, odorless and tasteless. Unlike some ill-fitting types, ours do not restrict breathing, swallowing or speech. We even provide special guards for players wearing braces. (If you have spent thousands of dollars on orthodontic work, don’t naively rely on a flimsy two-dollar piece of plastic to protect your investment!) Get the best protection for your teeth and brain – plus personalization to make your mouth guard unique to you or your team.

– An avid athlete himself, Dr. Pitts works continually to educate athletes about the importance of mouth guards. Dr Pitts is the official Team Dentist for BYU Athletics and is a former BYU football player

For more information, contact Dr. Pitts or visit him online at www.gregpittsdds.com/

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