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Move over dry shampoo! These 5 powder beauty products have major power

Powder beauty products are an underrated part of the beauty world.

In the beauty aisle there are a lot of buzz worthy formulas with flashy names, ingredients, and descriptions. But don’t overlook a simpler formula that has major power – Powder Power!

Studio 5 Style and Beauty Contributor Megan Moore shares her favorite beauty products that are powder-based.

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5 of the Best Powder Beauty Products

  • I Dew Care Tap Secret Dry Shampoo $16 Amazon
  • Malibu C Hair Treatment Powders $12/3 Amazon
  • Hairitage Magic Dust Texture Powder $8 Walmart
  • Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant $62 Ulta
  • Flower Beauty Jet Set Powder Setting Spray $15 Ulta

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