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easter basket with flowers

Fill an Easter basket with beautiful blooms! How to create a full floral spread for the table

An Easter basket becomes the vessel for your spring centerpiece.

We are hooking you up with a darling way to decorate for Easter. All you need are some fresh flowers, an Easter basket, and a little creativity to create the most beautiful and whimsical centerpieces.

Flower designer Shawn Bailey, with the Flower Bar Co, shared how to treat up flowers in an unexpected way.


The Easter Basket Base

Shawn started with the Easter basket, which is not just for chocolate or Cadbury eggs.

“I love the idea of using it as a vessel for a beautiful floral arrangement that you can have in your home, on your table, or give to your girlfriends,” she said.

To set it up, Shawn used a wicker Easter basket and put a pot full of water nestled inside. Then she added stems of florals to create a whimsical arrangement.

“This also works well not just with fresh cut flowers, but you can add potted plants,” Shawn added. “Add maybe one potted ivy or potted tulips and then add fresh flowers around it in a little pot of water.”

The Color Palette

Spring brings an abundance of color.

“When looking at color, consider a dark and a light, and then how the medium colors can bridge those together,” Shawn suggested.

For example, a blush pink ribbon bridges a darker purple with softer tones like peaches, pinks, and blush.

The Vessel and the Arrangement

The vessel, in this case, the darling wicker basket, influences the shape or the structure of the arrangement.

“Since the Easter basket is large, we want to go high and big with our flower arrangement,” Shawn advised.

You can also find cute little pots and planters at craft stores or Home Goods and think of them as a floral vessel rather than just a pot.

Go Small Scale with Egg Cartons

If you want something simpler for your table, consider using egg cartons. Add a little wet moss or foam in the bottom and then add your flowers.

“Cut your stems a little bit shorter for this arrangement. Poke them in the wet foam and moss to finish out your centerpiece,” Shawn explained.

You can also add hard-boiled, undyed eggs to your planter arrangement. This makes a cute little spring gift for your neighbor.

Teeny Tiny Egg Cup Flowers

Shawn used pretty egg cups as little planters for accents around the Easter table.

“We’ve got little pansies and we’re going to just plant them right in the egg cup,” Shawn demonstrated.

It’s a really quick and inexpensive way to add a small extra touch to the table. You could even have the kids help out!

Find more inspiration from Shawn on Instagram, @flowerbarco, or at She has a shop in Heber where she teaches classes, she will be having a pop-up at Gigi Pip March 29-30, 2024, and a spring workshop at the Goldner Hirsch in Park City.

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