Easy Outdoor Seating

Home Coach Frantz Ostmann shows some ideas for outdoor seating, including a chair built out of PVC.

I use 3/4 inch PVC pipe for the frame, it’s sturdy enough for rough and tumble toddlers. I color-coded each length of pipe – the only one that might be confusing is the four lengths in yellow in the front. There are two, separated by a T joint, on each side. The joints are black and red dots – 8 of each. You can buy 10 foot lengths and then cut them to size. A miter box & saw will work, or you can use one of those fancy PVC pipe cutting tools, you know the one that I always use on the show…

I don’t glue any of my joints, so that I can take the entire chair apart and store it, but you could glue some or most of your joints. Just remember to leave some unglued where the fabric sling hangs, so that you can remove the fabric for washing. Also remember to build this with one of your kids!!! It’s all about the fun with the kids.

For the seat either choose a heavier fabric, like corduroy, denim, canvas, or use a double thickness of good cotton. All you do is hem the edges of a rectangle, and sew rod pockets on the top and bottom. The finished measurements should be 26″ x 14″. The pockets are folded over 2.5″, making a 5″ diameter loop.

Frantz Ostmann is a Home Coach and helps people with all sorts of home projects, from switching a light fixture to building a complete home. You can ask him questions directly on his website www.homecoachforum.com .

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