Easy Paint Projects

Tausha Hoyt with Sassy Style Redesign has some simple and quick ways to use paint and make your home feel like new.

Paint a piece of furniture
This will add a punch of color to a dark corner or perk up a piece of dreary furniture.

You can spray paint-my personal favorite thing or you can use a brush and a can.
Either way will work.

Be brave on this-try a fun color. One you always wanted to try-but never wanted to put on your walls. You will be surprised at how how much you love it!

A great tip when painting a small area-get a good brush if the surface is not roll able-and a sample can of paint.
You can get these little sample cans in any color and they are only $3 bucks!

Best paint for the job:
A high gloss will turn the piece of furniture into a focal point, while a semi gloss will freshen it up without emphasizing the flaws.

Paint an Inexpensive mirror
Whether you have one hanging on your bathroom wall or you go and purchase one at the di-this is super simple-but will give you a high end look.

I found this mirror at the DI for 5 bucks-I sanded it down lightly, added a coat of paint and it looks fabulous!
This is a great tip to brighten up a bathroom. Most bathrooms don’t have a lot of light, therefore they can look dark-this will give it the punch of light and color.

Best paint for the job:
A paint with a glossy finish-or a sheen spray paint. If you want to use a color that you already have-just get a can of high gloss finish-that way you can use craft paint if you want.

Paint Interior Doors and the casing around them
I did this in my home and I couldn’t believe the difference. This is such a simple change and it’s cheap too. It will completely change the look.
This little tip can be done in about an hour-including dry time. Roll on the first two coats with a small roller and paint the last one with a good brush. I also painted the hinges because I wanted them to just go away.

Best paint for the job:
Semi gloss or satin is the best for this job. Avoid anything with high gloss–this will emphasize flaws.
Again-get a couple sample can of paints-much cheaper and it works like a charm.

Paint your molding
This tip goes for molding around your room and also crown molding. By painting the molding a contrasting color-it gives the room a crisp feel-almost frames the space. This is a great tip if you have high ceilings. It will help make the space not feel so vast.

Best Paint:
Semi gloss or high gloss. Matte will not give you the kick that you want.

Paint interior windows
Paint the molding around the window. Now, I didn’t have any windows in my house with molding around them-but after seeing this little trick-I want them too. This will enhance the outside view and add character to the space.
The best part-super easy, really quick and you will love the change that it makes.

When choosing your paint on this one-consider using a pint that compliments the space and not one that contrasts.

The best paint for the job:
Semi Gloss is best for this job.

Touch up your existing paint in your home
I know that you all have Knicks and scratches on your painted walls. Go out to the garage and get the paint and do some touching up. In my home, we used the same green on the inside of the door as we have throughout our house. So we, just quickly rerolled the walls.

That little 10 minute job made the house look brand new. In fact-my little girls friend came over to play and asked if we had a new house.

It makes such a difference, brightens and cleans up the space.

Now that brings me to my next tip. If you are not super organized and maybe you don’t have the paint color in the garage. How are you supposed to find the paint info to repaint the walls?

Invest in a Paint/Design Notebook.

It allows you to tape all of your paint samples to the pages. Also-if you don’t have a paint swatch-just write down the paint recipe and which room you used it in.

This is also a great book to store fabric samples,carpet samples, and ideas that you have for the space.

It will save you a lot of time wondering where you bookmarked something on your computer. (speaking from personal experience here)


Invest in a good brush
This will save you lots of swearing later on when you can’t get the baseboards just right. Home depot has a good/better/best brush section-get the best.
Also when cleaning out your brushes-when they are completely free of paint-just put a touch of hand soap on them-this will help them keep their shape when they go into storage.

Get good paint
I know, we all want to get the cheap wal-mart paint-but if it is at all possible-invest in a higher grade of paint. It’s like good makeup-you will see and feel the difference. It covers so much better and you will be so glad that you did when you don’t have to put on 7 coats to get coverage.

Purchase good tape
They have a new tape out on the market now called FROG TAPE. This stuff is the bomb! You get great crisp lines-no paint beading through. The tape forms some sort of seal that the paint can’t penetrate. Whatever it does-it works awesome!
Also-remove your tape an hour after you paint.

Sassy Style Redesign is not your typical interior design business. They are a mother-daughter duo that possesses an innate ability of turning a “blah” room into something inviting and homey. Making homes look “new again” but not losing the personal touches is what they strive for when decorating a home. They use innovative ideas and take the furniture, knick-knacks and other pieces you already have and incorporate them in ways that completely transform your home. Sassy Style Redesign offers free in-home consultations and travels anywhere from Logan to Salt Lake City.

The Sassy Stylers can be reached at (801) 737-4554 or visit their website at www.sassystyleredesign.blogspot.com.

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