Eat Out: Eat Healthy

Studio 5 Health and Fitness Expert Melanie Douglass visited 5 of the Utah’s favorite restaurants to identify a tip to help you out, and then her favorite menu item to allow you to eat out and still eat healthy.


Tip: If you need one of their famous cookies, then go for 1/2 a sandwich, mixed green salad, and 1 cookie.

Favorite entree: Chicken Walnut Salad Sandwich

570 calories

4 grams fiber

22 grams protein

2.5 grams saturated fat

Costa Vida:

Tip: Ask for corn tortillas & use 1/2 the dressing on salads

Favorite Entree: “My way” Chicken Salad

*this salad can be sooo customized that nutrition info totally depends on choices, here’s the info for the way I have mine made:

785 calories

13 grams fiber

53 grams protein

6 grams saturated fat


Tip: Go for HALF sizes!

Favorite Entree: Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken w/Brown Rice

500 calories

8 grams fiber

34 grams protein

6 grams fat

Hogi Yogi

Tip: Count ~ 500 calories per sandwich & 250 calories per “simple” yogurt
(simple yogurt means, 1 flavor (like vanilla) and no toppings)

Favorite Entree: Pulled Turkey Sandwich

500 Calories

18 grams protein

3 grams fat


Tip: If you want to go for a classic fav like a burger or ribs, skip the fries and fatty sides, and go for mixed greens and fat-free dressing. This saves 650 cals and 35 grams of fat!!

Favorite Entree: Broiled Salmon

400 Calories

6 grams fat

25 grams protein

4 grams fiber

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