Edible Fruit Bouquet

Studio 5 Party, Holiday and Ideas Contributor Alisa Bangerter explains how to make a fresh fruit bouquet that would also make a fabulous gift for family, friends or business associates.


NOTE: Supplies will be determined on what types of fruits you choose and if you choose to include chocolate dipped items. Each arrangement can be personalized and made unique so be creative in the combinations of fruit you use.

Container or basket

Cookie cutter (flower, heart, butterfly, star, etc.)

Wood skewers


Head of lettuce or cabbage








Large and miniature marshmallows

Vanilla almond bark

Semi sweet, milk or dark chocolate

Granny Smith apples



• To make pineapple flowers: cut ends off pineapple. Set pineapple on one cut end. Carefully trim sides until pineapple is peeled. Cut pineapple in approximately ¾” thick slices leaving core intact. Use cookie cutter to cut flower or other shapes from each slice of pineapple. (Tip: Place peeled pineapple in freezer for approximately one hour to make cutting easier.) To make the centers for the pineapple flowers, use a melon baller to make balls from cantaloupe or honeydew. Cut one side of each ball flat if desired. Secure melon ball to top of pineapple flower by inserting a skewer through pineapple center into melon ball. (Grapes and strawberries also make nice flower centers.) Lateral flowers can be made by securing flower center with a toothpick and placing a skewer in the side of the pineapple flower. As an option, ½ of each pineapple flower can be dipped in chocolate.

• To make a strawberry flower: thread a grape (or a slice of kiwi fruit) on a skewer to act as a stabilizer and then place the stem side of a strawberry (tip up) on the skewer. Cutting the stem/hull off the strawberry is optional. A single or double slit can be cut in the tip of the strawberry and a miniature marshmallow inserted to make a fun “center” in the strawberry flower. Skewered strawberries can be dipped in chocolate and nuts or other toppings for another fun effect.

• Thread multiple grapes on a skewer. Blueberries and miniature marshmallows can also be threaded this way.

• Wedge cantaloupe and honeydew using a decorative scalloped cutter or garnish tool. Cut in half and place skewer in the flat side of the wedge.

• Wedge apples or oranges. Place wedges on a skewer and dip cut side into melted chocolate to coat. Oranges can or cannot be coated with chocolate but apples need to be coated to prevent browning.

• Place a skewer in a large marshmallow and dip in vanilla almond bark.


1. Place a head of lettuce or cabbage in a basket or container. (You can trim bottom of lettuce to help lie flat if needed but I prefer the entire round shape. A bouquet in a mug is also nice for a teacher or for a small gift. Just cut a chunk of lettuce to fit mug or floral foam can be used if needed.)

2. Cover lettuce with kale to act as a filler and base for arrangement.

3. Add skewers of prepared fruit into the lettuce working from the top center down. Fill in bouquet as needed with fruit. A medium bouquet can take from 50-80 pieces of fruit.

4. Wrap with cellophane and a bow for gift giving. Use immediately or store in refrigerator.

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