Egg Drop Soup

Use Chicken Bouillon from Shirley J to make delicious soups and other flavorful dishes.
Egg Drop Soup
· 2-3 t. (to taste) Shirley J Chicken Bouillon
· 4 c. Water
· 1/8 t. White Pepper
· 2 Egg Whites(lightly whisked together)
· 1/2 t. Ginger, Ground
· 1 T Corn Starch(mixed with 1 Tbs water)
· 1/4 c. Frozen Green Peas
· 1/4 c. Mushrooms, Chopped

In a sauce pan combine Shirley J Chicken Bouillon, water, white pepper, and ginger, bring to a boil then slowly whisk in the corn starch and water mixture. Simmer for about 1 minute while stirring, then add peas and mushrooms, and simmer for another minute. Stir the soup in a circle around the edges of the pan until the liquid is turning on its own. Slowly pour in the egg whites while the liquid is still turning. Gently stir to make sure that all bigger pieces are broken up, reduce heat and serve.

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