embroidery for anxiety

Embroidery for Anxiety: How this creative project can give you a mental health boost

Give embroidery for anxiety a try.

You get to relax, and – something gets done. That’s often part of the joy of needle-and-thread stitching projects.

Award-winning embroidery artist Rebecca Woolston found that embroidery did more – it helped with her anxiety.

Find more inspiration from Rebecca on Instagram, @rebeccamade, in her Etsy shop, Rebecca Made Studio, or on YouTube. Click here to join her next embroidery workshop on September 12, 2022.

Rebecca Snyder Woolston is a freelance graphic and embroidery designer with a special interest in traditional fiber arts. She especially loves quilting, embroidery, and is learning how to sew her own clothes. She is a mother of two, teaches craft workshops, and teaches at the Utah refugee center. She has a passion for the arts in Utah and won the judges choice award at the 46th annual Utah Quilt Show.

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