Emergency Food Storage

David Litchfield, President of Inn on the Creek Foods talks about your Emergency Food Storage on Studio 5

The complex world in which we live no longer allows us to hope that someone will come to our rescue in the event of an emergency. You must prepared to some degree yourself!

There have been great advances in food storage from the days of cans of wheat, beans and rice. Do you know how to prepare them and after many years, are they edible? Inn on the Creek Foods presents ARK … a better choice for your food storage program.

ARK … the All-Purpose Readiness Kits … have lots of great features:

• 1600 calories per day

• Variety Packs

• Easily Transportable

• Convenient Packaging

• Variety of Milk and Juice Drinks

• Quick and Easy to Prepare

• Rectangular bucket is Convenient to Store

• Meals Designed for ON-THE-GO high Stress Situations

Lots of Advantages, too!

• Taste-Test Proven Better Taste

• Premium Quality Brand

• Packaging has a 6.5 Gallon Rectangular Bucket

• Up to 15-Year Shelf Life

• Oxygen Packets in Pouches ensure Better Life

• No Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

• No High Fructose Corn-Syrup

• Allergens Limited to Wheat, Dairy, Soy, Whey

ARK provides a 30-day supply for one person or a one week supply for a family of four:

• 14 servings instant potato soup mix

• 14 servings instant cheddar broccoli soup mix

• 15 servings hearty potato soup mix

• 15 servings chicken flavor vegetable soup mix

• 16 servings hearty vegetable beef stew mix

• 18 servings pasta with alfredo sauce

• 18 servings pasta with cheddar cheese sauce

• 33 servings maple brown sugar instant oatmeal

• 34 servings apple cinnamon instant oatmeal

• 30 servings chocolate whey milk substitute

• 30 servings regular whey milk substitute

• 48 servings vitamin fortified orange breakfast drink

Excellent for:

• Emergencies

• Hurricanes

• Floods

• Tornadoes

• Earthquake

• Pandemics

• Leisure – camping, hunting, fishing

• For college students

• Or good enough to eat every day

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