Fast Track to Fat Loss

When it takes forever to lose weight, it’s easy to lose motivation. But what if there was a secret to burning fat fast, and in a healthy way? Blake Robinson, personal trainer and certified nutritionist says “there is a way”… Five ways to be exact. He’s got the five fast track ways to fat loss. And it’s all in the way you get your blood pumping.

1. Rise and Grind
Getting up early and getting a workout in can give your metabolism the start it needs to burn calories all day.

2. Sprints
Quick movements burn fat fast.

3. Interval Training
Our bodies are like cars in that, the stop and go uses more gas, same with our bodies, we burn more as we interval train.

4. Weight Training
Women shouldn’t shy away from the weight room and how we can burn all day from lifting for 45min, or whatever.

5. Kettlebell Swings
Do these for 60 seconds and burn mega calories.

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