Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we are helping you make the day a success with a Father’s Day gift guide!

Studio 5 Party and Holiday Contributor Alisa Bangerter shares gift ideas that will touch every father.

Want something you as an adult can give your dad that has some meaning or memories to it? Try one of these unique and creative ideas your dad will be sure to love.

Dessert of the Month Club

Give a homemade dessert with a coupon that says you will bring a homemade dessert each month to your dad. This is a great gift that lasts all year.

Custom Candy Arrangement

Adhere candy bars onto skewers using packing tape. Make an arrangement in a container using the candy bars and some greenery if desired. On each candy bar hang a tag with a memory and incorporate the word from the candy bar in the memory. For example – a tag that says something like: “Dad we had SKITTLES of fun when you took me and Jim to New York and to Broadway. It was a memory I will always love!”

Memory Chocolates

Fill a box (like chocolates would come in) with paper candy liners. Write memories on paper/cardstock and fold or roll them and place them in the paper liners to resemble “paper chocolates.” When dad opens the box – it is not chocolates but memories…this is a fun and unique idea!

Personalized Cuff Links

Make personalized cuff links with a piece of map of an important place to your dad or place that has a memory. You could also use small photos, handwritten notes or other items to personalize them, etc. (Some cuff link blanks are made with a thin glass or plastic type covering for paper items – others you will need to cover the paper with epoxy.) Cuff link blanks can be purchased online and come in many styles and shapes. There are several good etsy stores that sell them – simply put “cuff link blanks” into the search bar.

Personalized Drink Coasters

Make a set of personalized drink coasters for your dad. Simply decoupage map pieces (of important places to your dad) onto tile squares to make drink coasters. Photos could also be used. (Mod Podge works great for this project.) Back the tiles with felt or felt rounds to keep the tiles from scratching surfaces.

Daily Dad Calendar

Create a yearly day by day personalized calendar for your dad. Each day could have a picture, a memory, or a special message to your dad. You can make your own templates or I found a free online site that lets you customize page a day calendars starting with any date and lets you format and even add your own messages per day. It will create your calendar ready to print with several sizes to choose from: http://incompetech.com/beta/cal-pageaday/

To make glued edge: Cut and stack the amount of papers you want in your calendar making sure all the edges along the top are flush. Tap on a table to make even and wrap with elastics to hold tight. Place a generous amount of tacky glue (white glue that is flexible after drying) on the edge to be glued and spread evenly. Let dry.

Samples of Love

Gather a variety of paint samples from the paint department in a home improvement store. Write on each sample a reason you love your dad. Place the samples in a box or on a ring and give them to your dad with a tag that says: “Samples of why I love you!”

Video of Memories

Put together a bunch of video clips of you talking at different places that you have had memories with your dad and tell him the story why. For example, you standing in the barn recounting memories of when you worked side by side with your dad stacking hay or in front of an old car you spent hours with your dad working on, etc. Items can be simple memories.

Memory Globe

Purchase an inexpensive world globe. Decoupage vacation photos with your dad when you were growing up completely covering the globe. (Pictures would probably need to be laser copied – black and white might work well.) You could also collage onto sports balls, old books, sports helmets etc. For example, if your dad was big into football, decoupage a collage of football photos of you and him attending games, tickets, etc. onto a helmet.

Personalized Poem

Write a personalized poem for your dad that includes many reasons you love him and/or memories.

Framed Letter

Write and frame a special letter to your dad. You could also make a list of qualities you admire in him.

Personalized Website for Dad

Create a website with memories pictures, etc. for your dad. This would be a nice gift for siblings to do together especially if everyone didn’t live close by.

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