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Fear less, live more! Stop being afraid with these 5 lifestyle shifts

Fear is all too common these days, but there are ways you can fear less.

While fear has always been around, it’s been especially prevalent the past two years. And while some fear can serve a purpose to help us, oftentimes fear can run amok and sabotage our lives.

Life Coach Tiffany Peterson clarifies healthy fear versus paralyzing fear. She shares how we can fear less and live more.

Find more advice from Tiffany on Instagram, @tiffpeterson, or at www.tiffanyspeaks.com.

5 Ways to Fear Less

  1.  Awareness is key.
  2. Friend your fear, choose to have a new relationship with it and see what it has to teach you.
  3. Mindset is everything. Our mood and emotions follow our thoughts, and what we feed our minds has everything to do with what we are feeling. You’re feeling what you’re thinking. Be intentional with what you fill up in your mind.
  4. Good questions help to reset and focus you.
  5. Environments are a key influence. Choose to spend time with people and places that inspire you, lift you, speak more to possibilities than complaining. Be that person yourself.

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