Feathering Your Nest for a Post-Holiday Pop

Tausha Hoyt with Sassy Style Redesign has fun idea for every room in the house.


This room tends to get neglected and forgotten, when in reality, it is one of the most used rooms in the house. A big problem is storage, yet still having things look “decorated.” By re-purposing a plate rack, you can accomplish both. Instead of plates, use 3 large-lipped bowls in fun colors. This creation can sit on your counter and help you store everyday items, while looking pretty at the same time!


This room is the forgotten room – the room everybody hates to go in, but can’t avoid. So, why not add a couple of little touches to make it more enjoyable? Clear glass jars are a great way to store laundry detergent and dryer sheets. They serve a purpose, yet look cute at the same time. Check the D.I. or big box stores like Wal-Mart for great deals and steals on glassware.


We all use our kitchen…a lot! In this particular space, it’s crucial to incorporate décor that serves a purpose. I found an old mailbox at D.I., that I re-purposed for fun counter décor (they can also be found at Home Depot). A coat of spray paint to match the kitchen gave it new life – add some simple embellishment like paper and buttons and you are set! This hangs right in the main “catchall area” in my kitchen. When we sort the mail, the important stuff goes in here. So, when it comes time to do the bills, or where did I put that invitation, you and your family know exactly where to go.


The living room is the main “decorated” space in the house. So, I thought of a way to allow you to display at different heights, without using a lot of money. Using plates and candle holders, you can display all kinds of different things at different heights. I used just the metal candle stick holder (found at D.I.) to hold a nest. I also used a fun container with a plate on it to give a decorative grass some height. You could use these for all kinds of things. Just a fun way to spruce up your “old” stuff!


Last, but not least, your bedroom. I chose to do the master bedroom, because for some reason, we forget this space. No one sees it but us, so we don’t need to decorate it, right? I am hoping this little tip will inspire you to not forget this space. I hung plates on the wall above my bed. I know that this idea isn’t new, but maybe the location is. Some of us think that we need to find this most beautiful piece of art work to hang in our bedrooms, Chances are, we never find it, so we never hang anything. These add a pop of color with little effort and little money. I picked up the plates at the D.I. and I used a disc plate hanger that can be purchased at Hobby Lobby to hang them on the wall. This is a super easy tip that can completely change a room.

Sassy Style Redesign is not your typical interior design business. They are a mother-daughter duo that possesses an innate ability of turning a “blah” room into something inviting and homey. Making homes look “new again” but not losing the personal touches is what they strive for when decorating a home. They use innovative ideas and take the furniture, knick-knacks and other pieces you already have and incorporate them in ways that completely transform your home. Sassy Style Redesign offers free in-home consultations and travels anywhere from Logan to Salt Lake City.

The Sassy Stylers can be reached at (801) 737-4554 or visit their website at www.sassystyleredesign.blogspot.com.

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