FieldStone Homebuyers Club: Getting Into a Home

Melanie Carroll with FieldStone Homebuyers Club shows you how you can build your credit and get into a new home.

The Homebuyers Club program is offered free of charge to FieldStone Homes customers assisting them with:

-Debt reduction

-Establishing positive credit

-Offers free credit reports

-Budget coaching

-Spending guidance

The FieldStone Homebuyers Club is a program offered by FieldStone Homes not just to help financially challenged home buyers purchase a new home. It is a program designed to target every area of a customer’s credit and financial situation. When enrolling in the Homebuyers Club, customers are assigned a counselor who will guide and educate them throughout the process, provide support, and give advice on credit and financial situations.

Some examples of what they can help you do:

-Help re-build credit

-eliminate late payments on credit cards

-work with creditors and credit bureaus to resolve any mistakes

-establish positive credit lines; such as secured loans

-Match savings program

-deposits into a third-party escrow account at a title company

-FieldStone Homes matches the amount you save

-If you save $1,000 we will match it totaling $2,000

This year alone, they have helped 34 families get into a new home. These are families that wouldn’t have been able to get into a home that now can with our help. By the end of the year they hope to have 70.

Here are some examples of who FieldStone has helped this year:

Family #1
With a mobile home foreclosure issue worth $34,000, FieldStone Homebuyers Club was able to get it removed from the Jones’s family’s credit report and get them into a new home.

Family #2

The FieldStone Homebuyers Club was able to get rid of a handful of small collections from an old medical emergency for the Smith family.

Family #3

The Gonzales family had a late mortgage payment record FieldStone Homebuyers Club got removed, letting them move into a home a year ahead of schedule.

Here’s advice on how to get into a home loan:

-Stay current on all your bills

-Save money for paying off debts – but wait to pay them with the advice of a credit counselor or mortgage officer.

-Give FieldStone Homebuyers Club a call – we can help! And best of all, it is free!

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