fill out the christmas tree
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Fill out the Christmas tree with… garland?! Here’s the technique for this holiday hack

Don’t use picks to fill out the Christmas tree this year.

There is an art to Christmas tree decorating. Usually, the picks fill in empty spots between branches. This year, we’re turning to a different decorating piece to fill in the holes – garland!

Michelle Inkley shares how she tucks and twists to fill out the tree with greenery. Any lush strand will do – Michelle has even used spring garland! Just place it between branches, twist into place, and your tree will look fuller than ever.

Find more decorating ideas from Michelle at, or on Instagram, @theglitzypear.


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    • Hi Jane! We are in reruns for the holidays. If you watch the show live, you will see a “pre-recorded” note on your screen periodically. Have a happy holiday!