Find Your Strengths: 5 Characteristics of a Strong Woman

KSL NewsRadio’s Amanda Dickson kicks off our new Studio 5 theme for the month of May, “Find Your Strengths,” by identifying 5 characteristics of a strong woman.


A strong woman knows who she is, including her strengths and her weaknesses. A strong woman embraces her imperfections. A strong woman is comfortable in her own skin. When I think of the word authentic, I think of Sheri Dew, author, speaker and the President and CEO of Deseret Book. She speaks all over the country, all over the world, about the strength of women, about the importance of living an authentic life – and she practices what she preaches, big time.


A strong woman does whatever it takes to get up in the morning and feed the children. No matter what the pain in her life, she continues to love and nurture those around her. I received a birthday greeting from a KSL listener the other day who told me that she enjoyed my book, that she finished it when she was in mourning after her 9th child was born dead following 9 months of pregnancy. Can you imagine? She had the compassion in her heart to wish me happiness after going through something on that magnitude. If that isn’t a strong woman, I’ve never encountered one.


A strong woman goes for it. She isn’t afraid of failure. She isn’t afraid of success. She isn’t afraid of the result of her efforts. She takes joy in the journey. The two women who come to mind here are at opposite ends of the political spectrum – Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. Both huge risk takers. Both keep jumping into the fray, ignoring criticism that would wilt weaker women (or men), and doing what their values dictate is the right thing to do.

A strong woman is focused, determined, keeps her eye on the goal, regardless of the distance. I remember the story of Mercedes Gleitze, the first British woman to swim the English Channel, who only completed it on her 9th attempt. There was a question as to whether her claim was legit, so she did a “vindication swim,” but the water was so cold, she was unable to cross. (Pic of her attached.)

A strong woman sees strength in others, sees beauty in others. She does not need all of the attention or admiration or happiness for herself – she delights in the accomplishments of others. For a strong woman, there is plenty to go around. The woman who comes to mind here is Erin Collard of Todd and Erin on B98.7. Our business, as you know, can be so competitive – but this woman is so generous. She compliments everyone, shares with everyone, is interested in everyone’s lives and their children. She makes us all feel welcome and appreciated wherever we go. I just love her.

Amanda Dickson co-hosts Utah’s #1 radio morning show on KSL Newsradio. She sits on the boards of the National Kidney Foundation of Utah and the National Advisory Board for Hale Center Theatre. Amanda earned her B.A. in English and her Juris Doctorate at the University of Utah. A mother of two and stepmother of three, she and her husband, Aaron, live in West Jordan, UT.

“Change It Up!” can be purchased at Deseret Book (, along with her first title “Wake-Up to a Happier Life.”

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