Finding Creative Inspiration

Designer, Kristine McKay says it’s as close as the aisles of your nearest store and she shares creative ideas from the fabric store, hardware store, office supply store and thrift store.

Fabric Store: Use fun fabric to decorate inexpensive canvas re-useable shopping bags – available at most grocery and department stores for $1, embellish scrapbook pages with fabric scraps.

Hardware Store: Make candlesticks out of chair legs, use crown molding to make picture frames, use plexi-glass to make photo coasters.

Office Supply Store: Discover all sorts of mediums great for making custom scrapbook supplies such as clear adhesive label paper for stickers; transparency paper for scrapbook overlays; and iron-on paper

Thrift Store: Search thrift stores, dollar stores, and yard sales for patterns, containers, photo frames and random trinkets and buttons that will serve as great embellishments.

Kristine McKay enjoys paper crafting and all things creative and she loves to share her inspiration with other women.

For more great ideas and to read more about Kristine’s creative musings, you can visit her website at

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