finial nativity

Hand-Painted Finial Nativity: Get started now on this stunning Christmas craft

You will pass down this finial nativity for years to come.

We spotted this project last year, and now that you have ample time to pull it off, it’s time to get painting! A nativity made from finials will be a unique piece in your Christmas decor, and, will become an heirloom passed down for generations. Take your time, get started now, and display this set in all its glory come December.

Brittany Jepsen shares how she created a colorful, unique, mid-century nativity made out of finials. The first step is to shop for your bases. Get creative and look for pieces that go together to form a person! Then, pull out the paints to give them color and personality.

Find more craft inspiration from Brittany on Instagram, @houselarsbuilt.

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