Fish N Sweet Chips Chowder

1 small onion, chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
2 tablespoon butter
3-4 cups diced raw sweet potatoes
1/2 teaspoon salt, divided
2 cups chicken broth
1 pound firm fish (see below)*
2 cups whole milk or half n half*
Salt and pepper to taste
1/2 cup grated Parmesan Cheese
2 tablespoons sour cream, garnish
Snipped parsley, garnish

Melt butter in large saucepan or Dutch oven; add onions and garlic and sauté until onion is tender and transparent. Add sweet potatoes, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and chicken broth. Bring to a boil, cover pan, reduce heat to simmer and cook until potatoes are tender (about 10-20 minutes).

Using a slotted spoon, remove half the potatoes from pan and place in blender.

Add fish to remaining sweet potatoes and liquid. Cover and simmer 10-15 minutes or until fish is tender.

Add milk to potatoes in blender and puree. Return puree to simmering fish; salt and pepper to taste. Heat through (do not boil). Garnish with a swirl of sour cream, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and snipped parsley.

* NOTES: Suggested firm fresh fish – halibut, grouper, tuna, sockeye or king salmon (not pink salmon), swordfish, cod, perch. Chowder will be richer using half and half. Nutrient analysis is figured using whole milk.

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