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Flex your mental muscles! 4 principles that will strengthen your whole self

Mental muscles need strengthening too.

No matter how you work out, you can flex your mental muscles right along with your physical ones. You might find a refreshing benefit to your workout, and a staying power you didn’t think you had.

Physical Trainer Judd Gines gets us going. Whether it’s walking with a friend, doing a workout video at home, or going to the gym for weights or a class, use these strategies to lean in and strengthen your whole self while you are working out.

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4 Ways to Strengthen Mental Muscles

Learn to “Catch, Challenge, Change”
Use Mood Changers
Manage your Thoughts to Mold Your Life
Don’t Forget to Breathe

Dr. Judd Gines is Connect and Conquer’s Physical Training Director and has his own practice called Movement Chiropractic.   Judd attended Brigham Young University as a member of the Ballroom Dance Touring Company while he earned his Bachelor of Science Degree with an emphasis in Exercise Science. Judd continued his education at Palmer College of Chiropractic where he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree and received a scholarship as a member of the Palmer College Rugby Club.

In his free time Judd enjoys trail running, biking, working out, yoga and spending time with his wife Jamie, their sons Brigham and Charlie and their daughters Pearl and Rosie.

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