flip flops

Turn $3 flip flops into a stylish – and comfortable! – summer shoe.

Dress up your flip flops with a little bit of crafting.

When you think of summer, a few basics come to mind, and flip flops make that list. But the basics don’t have to be basic!

Fiber artist Jonnie Hartman shares how to upcycle and transform everyday items using cotton cording.

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3 Flip Flop Projects

Flip Flop Flip

Take those (uncomfortable!) rubbery flip flops and create a soft, comfortable, custom-braided, strapped sandal made with strips of upcycled old t-shirts, right from your own closet!


Stylish Slides

Update your plain summer slides with a cute woven band. Create this look with cotton cording (you can get a big bundle for $4!) Create a matching hat band to coordinate a chic poolside look.

Frame It

Add some style and texture to that old frame or vase! Bring the woven details inside with a braided detail frame and vase/candle holder using cording fashioned into a simple 3-strand braid.

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