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Flooring Trends for 2010

Trent English, from Mr. Sandless, talks about how you can find those floors.

Floors with dramatic shade differences and even dramatic texturing are popular. The best thing about this trend is that your floors can be as individual as you are. When you pull up carpet in your home and find a unique floor, this is where Mr. Sandless comes in. We can come and refinish floors that have been covered with carpet for years and bring back shine, life and vitality to these floors.

If you are buying or selling a home this is important too. It is important that you keep your floors in top shape. Why is it important that you keep your floors refinished and how do you tell when it is time to refinish? —-

• It is important to keep your floors in top shape because you can avoid additional costs in refinish and replacement. (If you never let the floors wear down to the wood, you can avoid sanding and replacement. Floors can only be sanded a few times and then they have to be replaced. Like anything else, with proper maintenance your floors can last for a long time)

• When is it time to refinish your floors? Are there areas where the sheen is uneven, or where the finish is missing completely? Are there sections of the floor that are discolored or turning black or grey? Then it is time to refinish your floors. If you ignore these signs you can incur damage and make the refinish process more costly.

• What is the worst mistake people make? They try to refinish the floors themselves. While many big box stores will rent you the equipment to attempt to sand your own floor, it takes a solid year of apprenticeship to learn to handle the sanding machine properly. We frequently get calls from homeowners who have tried to refinish the floors themselves. Often we cannot help them because too much damage has been done. Something most people don’t realize is that while you are sanding the floor looks quite good. Then you start to stain and finish the floor – all of the sanding mistakes show up then.

Here at Mr. Sandless we use a high speed machine with a wet non-toxic solution to prepare the floor, so nothing gets in the air. There is nothing to clean up when we are done. We then apply multiple coats of our sealer and finish. You can walk right on it when we are finished. We are usually less than ½ the price of sanding. There is no odor and you can move your furniture back within hours.

You can find more information at or call 877-714-9663.

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