Floral Ambush: Just Add Water

Michelle Virtue, from BYU Campus Craft and Floral shows us some quick ideas as she ambushes one of her friends to show what you can do by just adding flowers.

This time of year, everyone can use a bit of fresh floral color in their home. BUT, before you go purchase a container for those flowers, take a look in your own kitchen cupboards—they’re a treasure trove of everyday items just waiting to be transformed. Chances are that you already have a wonderful vessel for a floral design. You’re searching for anything watertight and visually interesting that compliments your room or party theme. If you don’t have many items in your home that fall into this category, start a small collection by scouring thrift stores, garage sales, or discount retailers.

To show you how simple the process is, I made an unexpected stop in Lehi for a kitchen ambush.

Introducing my cute and very brave friend, Calli Loveless! Calli lives in Lehi with her husband Ryan and two adorable boys, Max (3) and Luke (11 months). She willingly let me ambush her kitchen cupboards in search floral inspiration. . . and WOW, did we find it!

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