floral flatlays

Floral Flatlays: Step-by-step instructions for these pretty projects

Learn how to make your own floral flatlays!

Many brides want their bouquet pressed and framed. It makes a big, beautiful, sentimental art piece. On a smaller scale, pressing flowers can be a satisfying project. It’s a pretty little hobby that is picking up steam.

Dried floral artist Sarah Ebert shares instruction for the floral flatlay beginner.

Find more inspiration from Sarah on Instagram, @pressedfloral_, at Pressedfloral.com, or contact her at sarah@pressedfloral.com.


Hi!! My name is Sarah Ebert. I am recently married last November to my dream boy. We love our life together. I have fallen in love with traveling and seeing new places. I love to backpack, do weekend trips with friends, and planning vacations across the world. I love all things food. You can find me in the kitchen making all the things my favorite food bloggers are posting about, as well as at all the new food places the social foodies recommend I try. I am a lover of activities that keep me active and social. Born and raised in Utah, love this state, but also excited to move somewhere else some day. 

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