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Fold up a pretty paper dress! Here is how to turn this project into art

Frame up a paper dress to make a unique art piece.

If you can make a folded paper fan, you can level up to a pleated paper dress.

Elyse Lamoreaux shares her ways of folding paper for art.

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How to Make a Pleated Paper Dress

Who doesn’t love something mini?! These mini paper dresses are so fun and unique. They can be used to decorate cards, or even on string to make the most darling garland.

You’ll receive so many compliments at your next birthday party, shower, tea party, or mother’s day with this simple yet stunning project!

  • Start with a 4×6 piece of paper. This will become the skirt.
  • Hold paper so the short side is at the top. Start folding into steps. First fold should be about ¼ an inch, next fold ⅛ , next ¼, next ⅛ , so on, until you get to the end.
  • Then, gather together the folds on one of the long ends to make the waist. To do this, start with your first fold and stack it on top of the next fold, continuing to gather the folds until the end. Should look like a fan.
  • Next, flatten down the part you just gathered and glue.
  • To make the top, cut a heart from coordinating paper (heart size should be about 2 in wide by 2.5 in tall)
  • Cut off the bottom of the heart so it has a flat bottom. Also trim off the rounded parts of the heart on the sides. This will give you a perfect bodice for your dress!
  • Glue bodice to skirt. Add shoulder straps if you prefer.
  • Decorate dress with ribbons, lace, flowers, buttons…whatever your heart desires! Limits are endless
  • Last, glue finished dress onto card or string and you are DONE!


My name is Elyse Lamoreaux. I am a wife and mommy to three darling and spunky kids. I have a true passion for creating, playing my violin, running with my GSP, hiking, thrifting and taking my kiddos on adventures. My favorite moments with my kids are spent creating and exploring. As a kid, I remember spending hours making dresses for my Barbie dolls out of old fabric scraps of my mom’s. Who knew that years later I would be designing dresses once

more, this time using paper! I am grateful for the connections and friendships I have made creating and selling my art! You can find me on Instagram @milliemaeshop or visit my website

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