Food Insurance

Just take a look at what has happened to the stock market recently. This, coupled with natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and other catastrophes make food insurance even more critical.

Brandon Brooks with Food Insurance has the perfect solution.

Food Insurance is here to the rescue, (from the genius behind Daily Bread) with a two-weeks’ supply of great good and clean water until other solutions can be obtained.

All of the food is freeze-dried, and will retain nutritional value for 7-10 years. Food Insurance meals are prepackaged as lasagna, chicken teriyaki and other great entrees.

Food Insurance comes prepackaged in a high-quality backpack so you can grab-and-go if disaster strikes.

What kind of a price can you put on Peace-of-Mind?

All kits come with a lightweight, weather resistant backpack, a 2-week food supply, (three meals per day) a reusable heat source, quick heat fuel pellets, waterproof matches, a cooking tin and a 1,000-use water filter.

Food Insurance is a one-stop, cost-effective solution.

A Food Insurance backpack is the perfect Peace-of-Mind gift any time of the year.

Contact them today at or call 1 (866) 9 GOT FOOD.

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