Formulating a Fantastic Fall Porch

Studio 5 Gardening Contributor Darin Engh reveals his top picks for fall porch color.

You could add deep purples, smoldering reds and oranges, or brassy golds and yellows. Cool season annuals, such as purple and rose pansies and frilly-leafed ornamental kale rub shoulders with autumn-blooming perennials or mums, purple and pink asters, and heucheras. Fall magic plants from proven winners are awesome additions to containers and flower beds.

Design inspiration: a swatch of fabric purchased at SweetLavenders quilt shop in Roy, Utah. It is called Zinnia by designer Anna Maria See it at, go to good folks and then to zinnia. Our color palette for this project: cinnamon, burgundy, golden yellow, raspberry, lavender, and French white. The door was painted with a fresh coat of cinnamon (6118 leather bound by Sherwin Williams).

These are Darin’s favorite flowers for an impressive fall porch:

PW nemesia Cranberry, Raspberry annual*

PW euphorbia perennial Helena’s blush*

Aster perennial purple, pink*

Sedum perennial Neon Flash pink*

Chrysanthemum perennial Five-Alarm Red, Aspen White*

Shrub Nandina Moyer’s Red

PW Heuchera perennial Creme Brule’

PW Superbena annual Burgundy

Pansy biennial Crystal Bowl Red

Proven Selection Acalypha annual Beyond Paradise

PW Geranium perennial Jolly Bee

PW Osteospurmum Sunny Sheila

PW Calibrachoa annual superbells Blue

For details on any of these plants, you can visit Darin at Engh Gardens in Sandy or online at

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