Fresh and Convenient Food at Maverik

Who says you can’t get fresh, healthy food at a Convenience Store? Think
past fried food and nachos when you are looking for fast food on the go!

Adventure Chef Ryan Olsen shares some of the fresh food options available
daily at Maverik.

· Maverik is unique in the C-store industry in that Maverik has ovens and
kitchens in every store while most C-stores produce their products in a
central commissary–package them and distribute them to their stores.

· Maverik Adventure Chefs make fresh food in each store every day.

· Maverik has a “Fresh Fixins Bar” stocked with fresh lettuce, pickles,
onions, pico, and other flavorful condiments.

· Maverik also offers a high probiotic, fat-free frozen yogurt for a healthy
alternative treat called Mt. Mavalanche.

· Other healthy food items include: single serve veggies, boiled eggs, fruit
juices, protein bars, zero calorie Glacier X and more.

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