Fresh Outdoor Seating

Studio 5 contributor Katie Bell shares five creative ways to seat people at your next outdoor event.

1. Planter Bench

Planter benches are both pleasing to the eye and provide plenty of additional seating in your yard.

2. Tree Bench

A true statement piece; tree benches are charming, elegant and the perfect way to create additional seating where you might think there is none!

3. PVC Pipe Chairs

Get creative and make your own PVC pipe chairs. No one on the block will have anything like it. You can google ‘PVC pipe chair’ instructions to find out how to make your own!

4. Beach Resin Chairs

Beach resin chairs are a summer classic and look great in any yard. They are also easily accessible and inexpensive!

5. Flower Pot Chair

Get an oversized terra cotta or concrete flower pot, turn it upside down, throw an outdoor seating cushion on top, and you have a chair!

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