Garden Color Combinations

Jerry Goodspeed, with the USU Extension service says it’s one of the most common questions people ask: What colors work well?

1. Warm Colors. Give a feeling of excitement, draw the eye to a focal point, and can make an area seem almost hot. Suggested combination: Red, Yellow, Orange

2. Cool Colors. Create a relaxed feeling, more informal, and even cooler. Suggested combination: Blue, purple & green

3. Complementary colors. Find these colors across from each other on the color wheel. They contrast and stand out for focal points that draw the eye. Suggested combinations: Blue & yellow. Red & blue.

4. Analogous colors. These colors are next to each other on the color wheel. They give a feeling of unity, of belonging, and that things are all tied together. Suggested combinations: Pink & purple. Yellow & red.

5. Polychromatic colors. A combination of all colors for a random feel that’s playful, informal and imaginative.

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