Gardening Under Glass

Why not create a decorative, attractive, miniature landscape indoors?

Darin Engh, from Engh Gardens shares some ideas on how to create an indoor garden that can be kept under glass.


Once planted and covered, a terrarium practically takes care of itself. The plants inside the glass enclosure create their own microclimate. A closed terrarium can often go a month or more between watering.

Materials Needed:

-a clear container

-something to cover the top such as clear plastic wrap

-potting soil

-small plants


-spray bottle

1. Select a container for the terrarium. (glass terrarium, apothecary jar, plastic bottle)

2. To avoid insect and disease problems, wash the container and gravel with hot water and use sterile potting soil.

3. Fill the bottom of the container with about 1 inch of gravel. If your container is deep, you may want to add another inch or so of gravel.

4. Top the gravel with 3 inches of soil.

5. Choose plants with the same growing requirements-light, water, and humidity. Slow growers with small leaves are best suited for terrariums.
Remove plants from their pots and plant them in the terrarium just like you would in the garden. Place the taller plants in back, midsize plants in the middle, and low-growing plant in front. If possible, keep foliage away from the sides of the container.

6. Moisten the soil lightly and place lid.

A good indication of when to water is the condensation on the glass. If there is no condensation, water the soil very lightly. If there is heavy condensation, remove the lid to allow the terrarium to air out.

Use your imagination. Add rocks, or birds, to create a personal touch.

Plants do not necessarily need to be planted in soil; you can also set miniature potted plants in your container as well.

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We will show 5 different planted terrariums ranging in size and container.

-large decorative terrarium

-medium decorative terrarium

-table top terrariums

-apothecary jar

-cloche jar


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