Get Fired Up Your Workout

Make Your Workout Even Better with fabulous apparel and fitness gadgets. Health & Fitness Contributor Melanie Douglass has some great workout gear to help you get fired up about your next workout.

1. Anti-cellulite Workout Shorts
Why they’re great: You get the slimming power of compression wear with the unique microcapsule technology of anticellulite treatment, embedded right inside the material.

Cost: $19.77

Where to buy: Walmart

2. Mist ‘N Sip Water Bottle
Why it’s great: My favorite new water bottle! You can drink or spray a fine mist to keep you cool during your workouts.

Cost: $9.99

Where to buy: Sporting Goods stores or Amazon

3, Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf
Why it’s great: You can wear this cute scarf like 10 different ways: as a vest, a infinity scarf, a shawl, etc. It’s so fun! Lightweight enough for fall/summer, and sweat-absorbing for leaving the gym on cold days.

Cost: $48.00

Where to buy:

4. Mission EnduraCool Instant Cooling Towel
Why it’s great: If you stay cool, you’re more comfortable, which means you’ll work out harder and longer. Plus, this product is just fun! You wet it, snap it and wrap it around your neck to stay cool — it can stay cool for ~2 hours.

Cost: $29.95 for 3

Where to buy:

5. Freemotion “Wind” Jacket
Why it’s great: It’s brand new and super cute! One of the most functional jackets around… it’s lightweight enough to wear year round, the sleeves are stretchy for long and warm or short and cool. Yes, jackets are expensive these days, but you can where them everywhere: the gym, the store, driving the kids around, anywhere you go! I usually allow myself one nice jacket each Fall – and this is the one!

Cost: $99.99

Where to buy:

Moving Comfort Sports Bra
Why it’s great: It’s the best sports bra… hands down! I reviewed sports bras about 3 years ago… and Moving Comfort is still the best! In fact, I still wear, (sweat hard!) and wash my Moving Comfort bra every single week, and it’s in perfect shape. They are padded, but the pads are tightly sown in so they stay in place, wash, and last for years.

Where to buy: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Cost: $30 – $40

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