Get Fit At Home

There is no longer any need to leave the comfort of your home to get in a fat-burning-muscle-toning workout. Blake Robinson, owner of Evolve Fitness and Virtual Trainer, shows how fitness is finally catching up with technology via Virtual Training.

With Virtual Training you can now workout with trainers from across the globe one-on-one or with a group from your home computer, tablet, or smart phone. Virtual training is a video call using popular services such as skype, google chat or facetime in which you live video chat with a trainer that takes you through your personal workout.

Virtual Training is more convenient because you can have a workout session at your home without having to travel to the gym, fight for machines, or wait for cardio equipment to become available. It is also less expensive than traditional in person training, especially if you workout with a group. You still get a live personal trainer giving you important tips and encouraging you to work harder but you can now freely workout from the comfort of you own home, in your pajamas if you want.

Today we were lucky enough to workout with celebrity trainer Joselynne Boschen, Nike Master Trainer – Owner of Alpha Venice.

JOSELYNNE: Joselynne Boschen is a Nike Master Trainer & Owner of ALPHA VENICE the only NIKE sponsored boutique gym in the world. Joselynne grew up participating in sports but predominantly was passionate about dancing. After 21 years of competing all over the country & working as a professional dancer Joselynne decided to switch gears. Nutrition had always been a calling. From there her knowledge of the body & how if moves took her to study core stabilization & functional training. Working with tremendously innovative such as TRX, Power Plate & NIKE Training Club her love for corrective exercise & team training continues to grow. Joselynne can be found hosting TRX certifications, working with non-profits, coaching kids & is most well known for her ALPHA ABS workout on the NTC app. She is looking to publish her baking cook book “ALPHA SWEETS cheat day treats” in the fall as well as open a second state of the art facility in NYC. For more information or to contact Joselynne visit her website www.ALPHAVENICE.COM

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