Get Gardening: New Trees and Shrubs to Look Out For

Trees and shrubs anchor your landscaping together. With new varieties at your local greenhouse, you can find the perfect plant to shade your yard.

Todd Moyer shares the latest and greatest in shrubs and trees.

Cool New Trees & Shrubs:


Tor Spirea

Tor Glow Girl Spirea

Little Henry Itea

Little Lime Hydrangea

Lime Light Hydrangea

La Dreamin Hydrangea

Sunjoy Cinnamon Barberry

Orange Rocket Barberry

Tiny Gold Barberry

Fineline Buckthorn

Tall Hedge Buckthorn

Blue Muffin Viburnum

Snow Ball Viburnum

Knockout Rose

Straight Laced Elderberry

Spilled Wine Weigelia


Rising Sun Redbud

Ruby Falls Redbud

Crime de Mint Dogwood

Limelight Hydrangea

First Flame Maple

Ice Dragon Maple

North Winds Maple

Full Moon Maple

Espalier 4 in One Apple

Royal Raindrops Crabapple

Lollipop Crabapple

Slender Silhouette Sweet Gum

Daywyck Gold Beech

Thornless Hawthorne

Weeping White Spruce

Lilac Tree Form

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