Get Organized: Spring 2009 Product Picks

Professional Organizer Kelly Pratt chooses her favorite products for picking up, cleaning up and organizing your home and space.

General Household Products

Product: 4- and 5-Gallon Square Storage Containers with Hinged Lids

Why they’re fantastic:

• They’re square, so they take up less space and are easier to store than their round counterparts.

• They come with hinged lids, so you can both securely store and access the container’s contents without wrecking your manicure or using a special tool.

• They’re cheap! Both sizes are less than $5 each!

• They are unbelievably versatile. You can store everything from potting soil to fertilizer to ice melt to flour to sugar to rice to dog food—and just about everything in between.

Where to find them: Wal-Mart in the hardware and kitchen storage areas

Cost: $4.27 and $4.88 for containers; $1.98 for lids

Product: Small Plastic Baskets

Why they’re fantastic:

• They come in an assortment of sizes that makes customizing most drawers a snap!

• They are inexpensive. While many drawer organizers cost around $10, these plastic baskets come in packages of 2 or 3 for $1! So not only can you afford to use these everywhere, if one gets broken, you can easily replace it.

• They are super-versatile. You can use them in virtually every room of your house to store tea bags, batteries, silverware, office supplies, straws, bathroom items, spices, extracts, craft supplies—whew! The list is endless! You can also use these baskets as spacers in drawers and on shelves to hold other containers in place.

Where to find them: Wal-Mart

Cost: $.97 for either 2 or 3 baskets, depending on size

Product: The Doorganizer

Why it’s fantastic:

• It works! Rather than setting your little pile of must-takes on the counter and then forgetting it, you can stash letters, receipts, glasses, keys and reminders in this handy door hanger, which you can grab on your way out to the car. Brilliant!

Where to find it: Franklin Covey retail outlets,

Cost: $16.95

Home Office/Office Products

Product: Levenger Circa Notepads and Binders

Why they’re fantastic:

• The Circa system comes with a unique binding system that allows you to integrate paper of all sizes into one single binder. Circa notebooks range from purse- to letter-size and are made with beautiful, high-quality paper.

Where to find

Cost: Ranges between $12 and $124

Product: Franklin Covey Spring Office Line

Why it’s fantastic:

• It’s beautiful AND functional! For home office areas that are highly visible, these products are the ticket. From file totes to memo pads and planners, you will find scaled-down versions of office favorites to enhance your efficiency and your décor.

Where to find it: Franklin Covey retail outlets,

Cost: Ranges between $9.95 and $49.95

Product: Diver’s Slate

Why it’s fantastic:

• If you get your greatest inspiration in the shower, this is the product for you! You know how frustrating it can be to have a stroke of genius between shampooing and conditioning only to lose your thought before you could get dry enough to write it down. To help you capture your ideas, try a diver’s slate. Slates come in a variety of sizes and come with a pencil that will work when wet. Attach the slate to your shower wall with a small suction cup and you’re good to go!

Where to find it: Diving shops, like Dive Addicts in Draper, or online at

Cost: $6 dollars and up

Kelly Pratt owns and operates Spaces Limited Organizing. She can help you organize everything in your home including: Kitchens and pantries, Home offices, Craft rooms, Closets and storage areas, Garages, and Home and business paper systems.

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