Get “Road Trip” Ready with Jerry Seiner

Road trips have never been so easy and entertaining. Technology and
advancements are making the trip better than before.

Jill Lloyd from Jerry Seiner Car Dealerships shares some of the new add-ons
and accessories which will make the trip more enjoyable.

• Navigation – Great for Summer Road Trips! Don’t get too lost
when you’re exploring new territory. It’s fun to drive the road less travelled,
but not fun when you can’t find your hotel and you’ve been driving all day.

• Entertainment System – Keep the kids happy! Think of the extra
miles you can get on just one episode of Sesame Street, before you hear
“Are we there yet?!”

• Cargo Box – Throw all the camping gear up top! Minimizes how
much you put in the rear. Over packing your cargo area can obstruct your
back window view.

• Hitch Mounted Bike Rack – Biking is becoming more and more
popular along the Wasatch Front. Easy to install. Minimizes when not being
used. Can carry up to 4 bikes.

• Safety Reminder – You should have these already, but if you
don’t have them go out and get a Roadside Emergency Kit and First Aid Kit.
You should have both of these things in your vehicle at all times.

Also, make sure to get your vehicle inspected for free at any Jerry Seiner
Dealership Service Department before you head out on the road. There are
several Jerry Seiner dealers who can help get you ready for your road trip.
You can find a dealer close to you by visiting

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