Gift Ideas for the Photo Mom

There are things the photographer needs, like lenses and filters… And then there are things the photographer wants!
Kristin Wilkerson has the list of go-gift ideas for the shutter-happy member of your family.

Vintage Camera Wall Art $5

I don’t think anyone loves wall art more then photographers. What I love about this camera wall art from Caravan Shoppe is that you download it once and you can print it as many times as you want. So for $5.00 you have the download and you can print it and gift all the memory keepers in your life.

Bokeh Kit $25
The second gift and one of my favorites is the Bokeh Masters Kit. You place it over your camera lens and then when you take the shot you get this beautiful unique shaped bokeh in your shots:

Right now out of focus pictures are really hot in the photography industry and I think that the bokeh kit adds a little uniqueness to those shots.

Jelly Camera Phone Filters $15

I’m an Instagram junkie and I kind of love these Jelly Lens filters from Photojojo for the digital camera or phone. It comes with three lenses: wide angle, kaleidoscope, and starburst. They are simple to use and add a little extra something to your digital photos.

Mozi Magazine, $10 for digital, $25 for print

This is hands down my favorite gift idea and I am already the proud owner of their senior edition. The newborn session is just coming out. Mozi is full of amazing business and photography advice from the top professionals in the industry. I reference my senior addition all the time. They have cutting edge techniques. It’s available in both digital and print. I am partial to the print version because it’s put together so well and I can take it to shoots with me if I need a point of reference.

Last, we have some great stocking stuffer ideas:

Camera USB Drive $20

The USB drive comes as either a Nikon or a Canon camera.

Disguise Magnet Set $12

Camera Charm Necklace $15

Kristen Wilkerson is a professional photographer in Logan, Utah. You can find more of her work here:

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