gift wrap - group of father's day gifts

Gift wrap with shirts and ties! 3 clothing upcycles for Father’s Day wrapping

This gift wrap doubles as an upcycle project!

Most dads enjoy a chance to relax on Father’s Day. Put away the shirt and tie and enjoy time with the family. Well, we are taking that shirt and tie and making a Father’s Day gift they will love. As long as you’re not using his favorite shirt and tie – maybe grab one at the thrift store for this project – regardless, upcycle a fun button-down shirt and the bag becomes a gift on its own!

Kristin Baird shares three packaging revamps she created from a shirt and tie – perfect for adding personality to your gift wrap. From a bottle bag made from a shirt sleeve, to a glasses case made from a tie, you can create these simple projects that are packed with sentiment for dad.

Kristin has the step-by-step details for all three projects here.

Kristin Baird has been a maker since she was very young, preferring crafts to just about every other form of entertainment. As an adult, she cultivated her creativity by obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree of Interior Design from USU. Each day she uses the concepts she learned in college through her business, Hey Kitty Rae, where she designs and sews custom dolls and stuffed animals. You can find her on Instagram @HeyKittyRae or online at

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