Gifts for Dad

Pioneer Party shares 7 unique gifts for dad that are fun and budget friendly!

1. We’re NUTS about you, grandpa (or dad)! Happy Father’s Day!

– We’ve just wrapped up three “nutty” candy bars together and added the tag. Cute for grandkids to give.

2. “You’re everything that’s wonderful” booklet. We’ve designed a little booklet with empty pages where you will be prompted to write in things you love about him, why he makes you laugh, favorite memories, etc. This could easily be a very sentimental gift from a wife, or from a child. We have the booklets at the store to purchase.

3. Dad’s Tool Box: We’ve used a cardboard gable box, folded in the sides, and made it look like a Tool Box. Inside, we have copied pictures of all different tools, with a candybar attached to the back. The tag is what makes this SO unique!

– Happy Father’s Day to “Mr. Fix It”: When we were faced with a challenge… you “SAW” us through it. You always made us “HAMMER” out our differences. If a task got tough, you said… a “PLI-ERS” self harder. Continued… To download, go to our website at

4. A glass jar filled with popcorn… to the greatest “POP” around… Happy Father’s Day. This is something he can set on his desk or by the TV and have it be HIS personal little snack!

– Great recipe: Pop a bag of microwave popcorn. Melt ½ stick of butter and 1 pkg mini marshmallows together. Add ¼ to ½ pkg of your favorite flavor of jello. Dissolve jello about a minute in the butter/marshmallow mixture. Pour over popcorn. Put butter on your hands to form popcorn balls, if you want! Possibilities are endless with the different flavors!

5. Father’s Day Condiments: some BBQ supplies with a fun little tag to go along. A sample of the tag reads… “Have all the fun you can “MUSTARD” or “KETCHUP” on your sleep… Enjoy your day! Happy Father’s Day”

6. Mini Candybar Poster: A little poster made with candybars…Hey “BIG HUNK, Just wanted to let U-NO that you mean 100 GRAND to me and I have SKOR-ed big having you as my dad! XOXO Happy Father’s Day!” (Words can easily be changed to fit your family and/or which candybars you want to use). Downloadable on website at

7. Root Beer and Trail Mix – I’ll always ROOT for you, dad! Happy Father’s Day, with many more “happy trails” to come!

All of these ideas are available in-store at 154 West Main Street, Lehi, UT. Just come by or call ahead to order! We’re open 8-7 Mon-Fri and 9-7 Saturdays 801-768-3549

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