Gifts that Celebrate Mom

Looking for something to do or to give that is thoughtful and has meaning for your mom for Mother’s Day?

Studio 5 Party and Holiday Contributor Alisa Bangerter shares creative and unique gifts that will make any mom or mother-in-law feel extra special.

100 Reasons of Love
Simply take a piece of oblong paper and write 100 reasons (or amount you want) why you love your mom. Be specific with things that bring back memories and creative with out of the box reasons. Roll up and tie with a beautiful ribbon. Another option would be to give a bouquet of roses or other flowers and attach a tag with a reason you love your mom on each individual flower.

Memory Apron
Sew a simple apron (ruffled aprons look cute) using fabrics that have meaning to you and your mom. For example use scraps of fabric from projects that were sewn through the years (or cut up actual old items if you want). Fabric from things like dresses, shirts, quilts, curtains, craft projects, etc. Attach a card listing why each fabric has a memory about your mom.

Old Jewelry Magnets
Many moms have jewelry boxes filled with old costume type jewelry that is not worn anymore but has sentimental value. A fun way to display some of it is to make a magnet board so it can be used and displayed. Simply attach round magnets to the back of old earrings, necklace pieces, broaches, etc. You may need to remove the earring backs or gently take apart some of the pieces or sometimes all you need to do is use a glue dot to attach the magnet so it does not harm the piece. These magnets are really pretty and a fun conversation piece. (As an option, you could also simply frame jewelry that is a memory for your mom – such a wedding jewelry or other sentimental pieces.

Mother/Daughter Portrait
Moms love pictures and a mother daughter portrait would be a great gift and become a treasure. You could simply have a nice snapshot taken together but if you want a beautiful heirloom portrait that is a work of art – I love Hazen Studios in Kaysville where they even do hair and makeup before photography to make you look fabulous.

Box of Memories
Find a pretty box and cut cards to fit inside using plain cardstock. Fill the box with the cards so maybe 50 or more. One each card write a specific memory with your mom and a quick explanation of why it was meaningful to you. Attach a photo if you have one of the memory.

Vintage Tray of Love
Find or purchase a pretty silver-plated tray – tarnished adds character. Many thrift or antique type stores have these available at reasonable prices. Place on tray things like a book, fancy bookmark, teacup with packets of gourmet hot cocoa, jewelry, pretty perfume, wrapped fancy chocolates, earrings, etc. Just fill it up with pretty things a mom would love. Wrap with cellophane and a beautiful bow and rhinestone pin. Just a pretty gift with a pretty presentation.

Quilted Chair
Chairs or benches looks amazing when covered in patchwork quilts. You can do this yourself or hire it done professionally. Use a quilt that has sentimental value as a way to preserve it in a unique manner. If you don’t want to cut up a family quilt – look for them at thrift stores or yard sales. Many department type stores also sell patchwork quilts that are made to look old but are at reasonable prices. Also if you are just covering small chair seats, patchwork pillow tops work well for this.

Bouquet of Flower Seeds
This is a great gift for the gardener mom. Take a vase and fill with real or faux greenery. Buy pretty packages of flower seeds and tape each packet to the end of a wood skewer. Place the skewers among the greenery and arrange each like you would real flowers. Add a fun metal garden trowel (paint the handle if desired or metal stamp on trowel to personalize for your mom). Add a tag that says something like: “Thanks for helping me bloom and grow into who I am now. Love you mom!”

Rosebush Garden
Each year purchase a new rose bush for your mom and plant it for her. Over the years your mom will have a lovely rose garden. Watch for new and unusual varieties that can add interest. An option would be to give a tree to your mom with a metal plaque that could be mounted at the base saying the tree is in honor of your mom. Trophy shops can usually create a metal plaque for a reasonable price.

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