Give Your Door a Makeover

Tara Zeeman, from Lowe’s shares some of the steps for getting a professional looking door.

-Prep is the most important thing for a good solid long lasting finish.

a. Sand and use fillers for dents or holes
b. Use a paint primer
c.Use a Semi-gloss or High-gloss paint for easy maint.

d. Use water base paints for soap and water clean up. Not to mention it will dry much faster.

-Good brushes (Purdy) will give a better professional look
-By using a paint additive (Floetrol) it will extend the dry time -about an hour- to reduce the appearance of brush strokes.

-Take the door off the hinges and lay flat to reduce the chance of your paint running or dripping.

-If you choose not to paint you can add accessories to make the front of your home look new again.

a. Replace or install a kick plate (from $14.00 to $35.00)
b. Install a door knocker (from $13.00-$23.00) c. Upgrade or Replace your door handle. They come with a set for your back door. (from $50.00 to $300.00) on average your looking at $100.00 to $145.00.

-A real popular color is Red.

-You can even install a new address plaque (from $5.00 to $30.00) House numbers are from $2.00 to $ 5.00 -You can install a new door bell button or install a wireless doorbell system

These products can be found at Lowe’s. Visit there web site at

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