loud and proud

Go loud and proud! 5 ideas to amp up your wardrobe

When did our closets get so blah? In recent years, the trends have been understated, muted colors and skinny jeans. But this year – boy we are seeing a surge of styles that are loud and proud!

Emily McCormick shares five ways to add these overstated looks into your closet.


5 Ideas for a Loud and Proud Wardrobe

Color: Swap muted for overstated

loud and proud

This is a great launching point to take your style up a few notches. Color has gone from muted to bold and bright. Everyone can pull this off. Instead of just some red with jeans, mix it in with some peach or pink! You don’t even have to go out and buy this. Just look in your closet, find your bold pieces, and don’t be afraid to mix them!

Size: Swap large for over-sized

Over-sized couldn’t come at a better time! We saw things get bigger and bigger, and this season is the epitome of it all. Things are getting really big and really bold, and a good sweater is a great place to start. Mix over-size pants with an over-size shirt! It’s where it’s at these days.

Prints: Swap soft and small for big and bold

We’ve seen a lot of florals recently, but now they’ve upped the ante. Prints have gone really extreme. They’re big, they’re bright, and they are statement. Balance out a bold print with a crisp neutral.

Combos: Mix patterns and styles

Photo Courtesy of Anthropologie
Photo Courtesy of Anthropologie

This might be a little tricky, and you don’t want people to look at your outfit and think, “that was a mistake.” But the key is to move into the same color family. It ends up being so muted that you can totally feel confident.

Matching Sets

The way to do this well is to not go outside of your style comfort zone. Pick something that you might wear day-to-day that you would feel comfortable in, and maybe it happens to match! Another tip: don’t overlook the power of a good suit! You could wear it to a date night, an event, or anything you’re looking forward to.

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