Great Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids

Candice Needham from The Book Table explains how easy it is to create a paper Christmas tree.

Two Paper Christmas Trees

Instructions for Tree with the paper loops:

1. Use 1/2″ x 6″ strips. The number of strips depends on how wide your tree is.

2. Start with a Styrofoam cone and working from the bottom up begin gently folding the strips of paper in half without creasing the center fold.

3. Use straight pins to place the strips of paper on the cone. You need to have pins that are fairly long so that your strips of paper will stay in place.

4. Continue layer by layer all the way up to the top

Instructions for Tree with the paper curled up:

1. Use the same size of paper as for Tree #1 (1/2″ x 6″).

2. Curl the strips around a pencil and then place them on the tree.

3. For each strip use 2 pins-the first one is a flat head at the top of the strip and the second one is a pearlized head placed about one inch down the strip.

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