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Green Spring Cleaning


We demand that things be whiter than white, cleaner than clean, newer than new and sanitized. We buy more conveniences, tools and solutions to keep us clean—until it’s all become very complex. Add to this the fact that we have become a disposable society, and we’re in for problems!

Our demands have created environmental compromise, creating a need to usher in more “Eco-awareness” in the last few decades.
It is now about more than just recycling—it applies to the solutions and tools we clean with!

Key points of an Eco-Cleaning product:

• Not dangerous to the health of humans or animals

• Does not cause damage to the environment

• Does not cause unnecessary waste due to excessive packaging

To begin your transition to Eco-cleaning:

1. Evaluate your cleaning cabinet. Throw out what’s old, leaking and dangerous

2. Switch to simple products that aren’t toxic, such as dish washing liquid

3. Reduce the overall number of cleaning products you buy. For example, you don’t need a separate product for every task within the bathroom.

4. Buy products in bulk or concentrated and use refillable bottles. This eliminates excess packaging and avoids waste to our landfills.

5. Opt for reusable cloths or sponges over paper towels whenever possible. Microfiber are the best. Color code them for various uses.

6. Using a natural pumice stone to clean inside of toilets and a grout brush or honeycomb sponge for sink faucet bases, allows for agitation and removal of lime minerals without harsh chemicals.

7. Be kind to your own body as well! “Angled” brooms are ergonomic and help you get corners and baseboards without unnatural bending.

Keep all your smaller products in a caddy for ease of use and availability.

Vacuums should have attached wands, and offer micro-filters (hospital grade
filtration) filters that capture allergen.

This is a brief sampling of some eco-friendly cleaning products and practices that will reduce our environmental footprint on the earth and help you spring clean responsibly!


All of the products shown on this show are available at

Don Aslett’s Cleaning Center Stores.

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South Jordan (10600 S. Redwood Rd.)

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