Greenery and Tomato Cages: Holiday Décor

Darin Engh from Engh Gardens shows us how to use tomato cages give us a new look and brand new varieties of poinsettias give some color.

1. Paperwhites and Christmas Lights

   a. How-to plant Paperwhite bulbs

      i. Paperwhites may be planted in either soil or stones. Place       the bulbs about one inch apart and cover two-thirds of the       bulb with stones or completely with soil. Water and place       them in a light, cool place until the foliage stands three to four       inches high. Then, place them in a sunny location at room       temperature and keep them well watered. They will bloom in       four to six weeks.

   b. Use vintage Christmas lights or any you may have as a top       dressing on your planted bulbs.

2. Use a tomato cage to create a topiary with fresh greens.

   a. Turn tomato cage upside down. Wire the spokes together to       create the pointed top.

   b. Wrap fresh garland around the entire cage to create a       topiary.

   c. Add lights, fresh holly, or whatever you wish to add your       special Christmas touch.


   a. Freedom Peppermint – speckled pink with dark green leaves

   b. Ice Punch – red with faded pink centers

   c. Visions of Grandeur – blushed pink

   d. Jingle Bells – red with blotches of cream

For more information, you can contact Darin at Engh Gardens in Sandy or online at

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