Grilled Pizza

Turn everyone’s favorite Italian feast into a backyard barbecue!

Becky Low shares the best way to do pizza on the grill.
Homemade Pizza Dough
3 cups warm water, divided
2 teaspoons yeast, divided
1 tablespoon brown sugar
6-7 ½ cups flour, divided
1 tablespoon salt
1-4 tablespoons olive oil

In a large bowl, stir together 1 ½-cups warm water, 1-teaspoon yeast and brown sugar; stir in 2 ½-cups. Cover bowl with a clean cloth and set aside at room temperature for 1-24 hours. NOTE: Dough will raise; occasionally stir dough down to prevent it from spilling over the bowl. The longer the dough rises the better the flavor develops.

When ready to proceed, stir 1-teaspoon yeast into ½-cup water. Stir remaining 1-cup warm water, salt and oil into sponge. Add yeast water and about 3 ½-cups more flour. Stir in enough more flour to make a soft dough that is slightly sticky. Turn dough out on a floured surface and knead until smooth and elastic.

Place sheet of heavy aluminum foil in center of grill, shiny side down to deflect heat. Preheat grill to 450-500 degrees. For 12-inch pizzas, divide dough into 6 balls and lightly oil surface to prevent drying until ready to shape (if needed, place dough balls in refrigerator to slow rising).

Flatten dough balls and toss or roll to desired diameter and thickness. Place dough on pizza screens or pan, top (see combinations above), place on pre-heated grill, close lid and grill 4-8 minutes or until cheese is bubbly and bottom is browned.

Freeze for Later:

Recipe makes enough dough for six 12-inch pizzas. Dough may be tossed or rolled to size, placed on a parchment paper on a flat baking sheet and frozen for later. Once frozen, keep dough on a firm surface to prevent breaking, and wrap well with plastic wrap. Use within 2-3 weeks. When ready to use, thaw at room temperature (20-40 minutes), top and grill as directed above.

Quick Method:

Stir together warm water, yeast and brown sugar. Beat in 2-3 cups of flour, salt and olive oil. Gradually add enough more flour until dough is stiff enough to handle but still slightly sticky. Turn dough out on a lightly floured surface and knead until smooth and elastic (sprinkle surface with additional flour, as needed, to keep dough from sticking. Continue with dividing, preparing and baking as instructed above.
Veggie and Cheese Pizza
Olive oil
Squash blossoms

Classic Pizza
Pizza sauce
Wilted spinach
Stuffed green olives

The grill should be HOT, around 450-500 degrees inside the closed lid.

Pre-cook pizza crust before topping. Brush the bottom of the pizza dough well with oil and place directly on the pizza grates. Flip dough to grill both sides. Watch closely to prevent charring. Remove from the grill, add toppings and return to the grill to melt cheese and heat toppings.

Using pizza screens and foil:

Stretch or roll pizza dough to the diameter of the screen, gently place dough on screen (don’t press it down and into the holes of the screen or it will stick). Top with favorite morsels and place on hot pre-heated grill. Close lid and grill between 4-7 minutes (depending on pizza size and heat).

To help prevent bottom of pizza from over cooking, place a piece of heavy foil about the size of the pizza screen, shiny side down, on grill grates before heating the grill (don’t completely cover grill grates with foil). Crimp foil on the grate to keep in place.

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