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On Studio 5 today, Ryan Ogden talks about how he can help you access the MLS in the comfort of your home without spending time, money and gas running from one home to another.


With Half Price Agent, you will get 1/2 the brokers commission

How does it work?

It is simple: It’s like getting free money! When you are buying a home, the seller has already committed to pay the buyer’s agent a commission, usually 3%. So, if you use Half Price Agent, they will give you 1/2 of that. Basically, it’s free money for you.

How much will you get?

You will get 1/2 of HPA’s broker commission. For example, a home selling for $300,000 will usually pay each agent (a listing and buying agent) 3%, which is $9000 each! With HPA, they will give you $4500 of that. With the other agents, you get nothing.

How can you use this money?

You will usually use it for your down payment or to help cover your closing costs. Sometimes you can use it for new furniture, appliances, or even take the cash at closing. Lenders have certian rules that dictate how you can use the money.

Why is Half Price Agent offering this?

Because the MLS is available to the public now, about 80% of home buyers are doing their own research and searching themselves for their new home. So the agents are doing very little work and get huge commissions for it. HPA knows many agents that make over $100,000 in commissions for one sale! That is just not right in HPA’s book. Also, many of you want to be left alone and don’t want to involve an agent until you have to. HPA will help you as little or as much as you want, without annoying you.

Is there a catch? Yes, 3 small things.

• HPA would like you to get pre-qualified.

• Before they set up appointments to see inside homes, HPA would ask you to drive by them first, to see if you like the house and neighborhood. This is so both you and HPA don’t waste time seeing homes you don’t want.

• Because HPA’s fees are already so low, at half price, they have a minimum fee of $3000. So on homes less than $200,000 you will get back less than half the commission. For example, $150k home = $4500 commission…$3000 to me, $1500 to you.

What services does HPA provide?
EVERYTHING…FULL SERVICE. Help with searching. Set up appointments. Write and present offers. Negotiate. Help you get the best price. Help you get financing. Assist with inspections and closing. FULL SERVICE.

If you want HPA to search for you, or if you want NEW LISTINGS automatically emailed to you daily, please call HPA or send them an email.


Sell your home with Half Price Agent for 1/2 the usual fees!

What are my fees?

Half Price Agent will list your home for 4 1/2%. Usually, agents charge 6% to sell your home, 3% to each the selling and buying agents. Since HPA’s fee is half price, only 1 1/2 goes to them, and 3% goes to the buyer’s agent. So, HPA’s fees are half price.

How much can this save you?

For example, if your home sells for $200,000, you will save $3000. If your home sells for $600,000, you will save $9000. With most other agents you pay double these fees. (and after you sell, HPA will give you half the commission when you buy with HPA also…you could save a fortune).

What does FULL SERVICE include?

• Market analysis of your home’s value

• MLS listing and photos

• Signs and keybox

• Brochures

• Advertising

• Present, negotiate, and assist with offers, title, closing, etc.

• Everything you need to sell your home

Is there a catch? Yes, one thing.

Because HPA’s fees are already so low, at half price, they do have a minimum fee of $3000. So on homes less than $200,000 their minimum fee will apply. On homes over $200,000 it will be 1 1/2%.


Half Price Agent allows you to check the Multiple Listing Service

You can search the Multiple Listing Service from the comfort of your own home with you go to Half Price Agent at www.halfpriceagent.com. Decide what type of home you’re looking for (i.e. residential, duplex, apartment, land, commercial and farm). Then enter information such as what zip code you’re looking for, the type of home, maximum and minum price, the year built, acres desired, style of home, number of bedrooms, number of baths, square feet and garage size.

You can search the Multiple Listing Service from the comfort of your own home with you to Half Price Agent. Call Ryan Ogden at (801) 928-9901, email at ryan@halfpriceagent.com or online at www.halfpriceagent.com

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